Curriculum Guide for Sixth Grade

English Language Arts:

In ELA, we will be working on reading, writing and language skills through an integrated curriculum.  This is done through the StudySync website and app.  We will read fiction, non-fiction, short stories, plays and poetry.  There will be weekly vocabulary/spelling tests, grammar assessments, as well as formal and informal writing assignments based on what we are reading.  StudySync is entirely online so it's imperative that the students have their iPads charged and with them at all times.  Students will also study Greek/Latin roots throughout the year.  You will be required to purchase several novels throughout the year.  You will also be required to have an outside reading book for SSR.  


History Social Studies:

6th Grade History covers Ancient Civilizations, from early man to the Roman Empire.  Students will be actively learning through projects, simulations and role-playing.  There is also a geography component to every unit.  Students will also learn note-taking skills and study strategies.



The main focus of study this year will be on God's Revelation to us through the readings and teaching of the Old Testament.  We will also learn about the life of Jesus Christ and develop a deeper understanding of our Catholic faith.  Students will also have a weekly Song and Prayer Reflection, and they will be actively involved in liturgies, prayer services, and Masses.


Math (Ms. Mottles):

6th Grade Mathematics emphasizes the mastery of the basic operations using integers, fractions, decimals, and percent.  In this course, students will be introduces to equations and will begin to connect ideas to solve multi-step problems.  The central focus is for students to develop a conceptual understanding of math and how it is used in our world today.


Science (Mrs. Wilson):

The main topic for science this year is Earth Science.  Some of the areas to be explored are landforms, rocks and minerals, plate tectonics, and the solar system.  Students will also apply the scientific method to experiments performed weekly in the lab.