Week 28

Happy Monday!

ELA: LT Ch. 3-4 RG due Thursday and S/V Test Thursday. They need to be keeping up on their annotations and golden lines for each chapter. Whatever pages/chapters we read the previous week is due the following Monday. They should have 1-2 QUALITY annotations per page, and 2-3 golden lines per chapter. Don’t forget to annotate any reference to Greek mythology/culture!

We also read an excerpt from the non-fiction text, Medusa’s Gaze and the Vampires Bite: The Science of Monsters. The text focuses on our obsession with things that frighten us, and it compares the thrill of watching a scary movie to eating spicy food. We’ll also compare this text to Ch. 4 in The Lightning Thief.

HISTORY: We started the Assembly Phase this week! For this phase, we focus on government in Athens, the democratic assembly, and the Persian Wars. The main challenge for this week is the Assembly Debates, where reps from each polis face off in arguments relating to issues of the ancient Greeks. Debates start tomorrow!

Last week’s stats:

The Hellenes were introduced to Pythia, our resident Oracle at Delphi. She posed a cryptic warning of being out of favor with the gods, so STRIVE FOR ARETE IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

Another Fates Roll proved rough for Athens and Corinth, and Sparta and Megara won the best averages for Quizzes 1 and 2! Argos won extra Arete as well for success in the Greek Alphabet.

RELIGION: We started Ch. 14—Jesus’ Resurrection last week. This is my favorite chapter! Lots of song journal reflections to come!

ART: KEEP UP ON YOUR ANIMATIONS!!! Pencil tests should be done no later than 4/18, and claymation sets and sculptures done no later than 4/8.

Other announcements:

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Monday, March 25 - Thursday, March 28

Coin War supporting CRS Rice Bowls - bring in your coins and dollar bills.

Friday, 3/29 - NO SCHOOL - WCEA Work Day for Teachers

Friday,  4/5 - Spirit Wear Orders Due

Monday, 4/8 Rock the School ****new date****

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