Week 35

Happy Tuesday!

Thank you so much for all who helped with teacher appreciation week :) I was definitely moved by what you all did for me, especially since I had a hard time the week before.

ELA: Last LT RG is due Thursday. They need to be keeping up on their annotations and golden lines for each chapter. Whatever pages/chapters we read the previous week are due the following Monday. They should have 1-2 QUALITY annotations per page, and 2-3 golden lines per chapter. Don’t forget to annotate any reference to Greek mythology/culture!


S/V Test Thursday, SOCIO Quiz Thursday.

This week, we’re reading an excerpt the Gospel of Luke about Judas’ betrayal. We’ll discuss betrayal in its many forms and how it relates to our own lives and to other texts we are reading.

HISTORY: And that’s a wrap on the Greek Unit and Simulation! Final Hellaspoints will be scored and awarded, and I’ll announce the winners in due time. For now, we are starting our very last unit—Ancient Rome!

RELIGION: We are starting our last section, which is Ch. 4—Creation. Keep up on your song journals!

ART: KEEP UP ON YOUR ANIMATIONS!!! We are moving onto the editing phase next week!

Other announcements:

Please here is the link to this week's newsletter.


Thursday, 5/23 SJA attends 8:00 Mass

Friday, 5/24 10:00, 1:00 SJA Variety Show

Sunday, 5/26 - 4:30 p.m. St. James Middle School Youth Group Meeting

Monday, 5/27 NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

Saturday, 9/21 - 6th Annual SJA Bocce Tournament and Garden Party - register now for early bird pricing!

Teacher Appreciation Week THANK YOU!

Wow! Thank you so much for the overt displays of appreciation.  SJA faculty and staff are feeling very spoiled and acknowledged for their hard work and dedication! Thank you, Melissa Mahon, her team, and parents who have made this special week possible!  Our faculty and staff are grateful for all of your efforts!

Thanks so much!

Miss Phillips