Week 36

Happy Tuesday!

Congrats to the kids for their amazing Variety Show performance on Friday! They did so well :) I was very proud of them.

PLEASE FOCUS ON YOUR BEHAVIOR GRADES. We only have 2 weeks left, so please be wary of your behavior so that your grade doesn’t drop.

ELA: Final Annotations are due tomorrow for E.C. They should have 1-2 QUALITY annotations per page, and 2-3 golden lines per chapter. Don’t forget to annotate any reference to Greek mythology/culture!

Their Final Writing Project is due 6/7! Unit 2 Test next Wednesday.

HISTORY: Continuing on with Ancient Rome this week, we’re focusing on the rise of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, and Christians in the Roman world. Unit 8 Test and BC are next Wednesday.

RELIGION: We are starting our last section, which is Ch. 4—Creation. Keep up on your song journals!

ART: Final Animations due 6/7! Save your iMovie project as a video file, upload it to YouTube, then email the link to that YouTube video to me.

Other announcements:

Parent Volunteer Coffee - Monday, June 3rd

On Monday, June 3rd (immediately following the morning assembly) we will be hosting a coffee on the hall patio for all of our wonderful parent volunteers. We appreciate you and all of the support you provide to our administration, faculty, staff, students, and community. Please join us and RSVP HERE.  We are so grateful for you and all that you do!

Please read this week's newsletter

IMPORTANT DATES- Link to School Calendar

Friday, May 31st

8:00 a.m. Memory Mass led by Kindergarten


Sunday, 6/2 - SJA Choirs Sing at 9:00 and 11:30 Mass; Student Lectors at 11:30

Monday, 6/3 - Parent Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast immediately after morning assembly

Monday, 6/10 - All School Beach Day - End of Year Party

Tuesday, 6/11 12:00 Dismissal

Wednesday, 6/12 8:00 Mass; 10:00 Dismissal; LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

Saturday, 9/21 - 6th Annual SJA Bocce Tournament and Garden Party - register now for early bird pricing!

Thanks so much!

Miss Phillips